We are a team of creative thinkers and daring doers


We are a group of Stanford undergraduates passionate about bringing Marketing to the Stanford community. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to deliver unique marketing experiences.
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Pascale Eenkema van Dijk 

Co-President - COMMUNICATIONS AND Psychology - 2019

Pascale is a junior and is passionate about the intersection between business and human behavior. As a Stanford Marketing associate, Pascale worked on a project for Twitter and SafeTuna, and as a project leader, she led projects for Kurbo Health and Microsoft. In the summer after her freshman year, she provided marketing services for two global companies in New York City who moved from start-up to growth phase. This past summer, she worked as an account management intern at a Hearst owned advertising agency. She serves as a Board Member for Stanford Women in Business as well as an intern for the Clayman Institute on Gender Research and its Center for the Advancement of Women Leadership. Pascale’s interests include traveling, reading, playing sports, writing and spending time with friends.

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Junwon Park

Co-President - Computer Science - 2019

Junwon is a junior studying Computer Science and is passionate about discovering interesting insights from data-driven marketing. As the Vice President of Account Management, Junwon built SMG's relationships with University offices, alumni, and industry clients. Last year, he served as a senator on ASSU Undergraduate Senate and worked as a Technical Program Manager Intern at Facebook over Summer. Junwon is also a research assistant at the Stanford HCI Department and the Technology Industry Associate at BEAM Stanford Career Education. Message him anytime and schedule a coffee chat if you want to discuss SMG experience, projects, or Stanford life!


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Alexa Coughlin

VICE PRESIDENT of community relations - SYMBOLIC SYSTEMS - 2019

Alexa is a junior from Houston, Texas studying Symbolic Systems. As a Sophomore, she worked with a gaming hardware company as a client associate for Stanford Marketing. Following this project, Alexa was as a marketing intern for global innovation consultancy firm Opinno in Madrid, Spain for several months. In addition to serving as a member of the Stanford Marketing board, Alexa is a Tutor Coordinator for EPATT (East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring) on campus as well as an ambassador for the Stanford Women's Community Center. She is passionate about education equity and feminism, and spends her free time playing tennis, reading, and thrift shopping.


Leticia Pereira de Souza

Project Leader - Product Design - 2020

Leticia is  a Brazilian sophomore, who is interested in industrial design. It is her first year at Stanford Marketing. Last summer she worked at a Brazilian nonprofit called "Cientista Beta", which aims to inspire and assist high school students to start scientific projects. She helped with the planning of their yearly national event. On campus, she is the financial officer of the Brazilian Students Association, and she loves to spend her time drawing and building personal projects.

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Yae-Rang Schumacher

project leader - ART PRACTICE - 2018

Yae-Rang is a senior from Spokane, WA, majoring in Arts Practice. She has previously worked on projects with Microsoft and Turtle Beach. Over the summer she worked for Activision | Blizzard optimizing the UI/UX for the Call of Duty series. Yae-Rang's interests include writing, current events and politics, playing video games, art and design.

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Erica Fearon

project leader - Management science & engineering - 2018

Erica is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio studying Management Science & Engineering. She joined Stanford Marketing her junior year and worked on projects with Kurbo and Muse. On campus she also leads projects for Stanford Consulting and is on the teaching team for CS 51: Designing Social Impact Projects. In her free time she loves playing video games and learning to compose electronic music.

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Richard Verdin

project leader - Computer science - 2020

Richard is a sophomore from Connecticut. He joined Stanford Marketing last year as a Client Associate and had a tremendous experience working on two client projects--one that revolved around market expansion and the other on competitive analysis. Richard really enjoys working with businesses and is interested in tech, finance, and consulting. This past summer, he did service in Ecuador through a program called VILA (Volunteers in Latin America). He also did Morgan Stanley's Freshman Enhancement Program and a Sales & Trading Accelerator with Barclays over the summer. In his free time, Richard likes to play tennis and do photography. Fun fact: he also did a 5-day hike to see Machu Picchu this summer.

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Meg Avery

VICE PRESIDENT of Account Management - comMUNICATION - 2019

Meg is from Atherton, California (a whopping 10 minutes from Stanford campus); she is a junior; she joined SMG as a Sophomore and moved from client associate to project leader in the span of that year; she hopes to have a career in marketing; other interests include swimming, Italian language (she'll be abroad in Florence this fall); involved in the Students for Resilience club and is Kappa Alpha Theta's online media director.

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Roma Dziembaj

vice president of education & Financial officer - SYMBOLIC SYSTEMS - 2019

Roma is a junior from Poland majoring in Symbolic Systems. She joined SMG in 2016 as a Client Associate and is serving as the VP of Education this academic year. Outside of Stanford Marketing, she is involved in cognitive science research and costume design for student theater groups.


Jeramiah Winston

vice president of PubliC Relations - Art Practice - 2019

Jeramiah a is a junior from Inglewood, CA majoring in Art Practice. He joined SMG in 2017 and is looking forward to further work in the group.  Outside of Stanford Marketing, he is involved in cognitive student-based advertising initiatives  and  working on his honors thesis.