We are a team of creative thinkers and daring doers


We work with professional clients providing our unique expertise across design, research, branding and analytics to solve real world problems.

Our Process

Each year, we work with clients on projects that tackle problems ranging from investigating consumer behavior to developing go-to-market strategies for products.

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We Provide

  • A team of four to five of Stanford’s most talented pre-business students who are trained through a ten-week program in the Fall

  • A commitment of at least five hours per week per student from January until May

  • Help in the future with recruiting and increasing on-campus presence

We Look For

  • Projects and research questions in any area of marketing in any industry.

  • Thoughtful, structured, and high-level challenges; our associates should function more like outside consultants and less like interns.

  • A point person from your team who will be available to speak in person or over the phone at least bi- weekly.

Our Expertise


  • Brand Equity

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Market Opportunity Analysis

  • User Experience Research


  • Campaign Development

  • Market Expansion

  • Online Advertising

  • Positioning

  • Segmentation



Recent Work

  • Website rebranding for a major commercial broadcasting television network

  • Mobile advertising analysis for a large beverages company

  • Competitive analysis and strategy for a global retail company

  • Pricing strategy for a major tech company

  • Market entry and expansion strategy for a social media company

  • Product launch campaign for a rapidly growing startup

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 1.16.12 PM.jpg