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How Lyft Gained Traction in an Uber-Dominated Market

When we think of transportation technology today, two startups usually come to mind: Uber and Lyft. However, just a little over a year ago, this was not the case. Uber was dominating the entire ride-share market and Lyft was viewed as an Uber “wannabe.” So, how has Lyft gained enough traction in this market that it is now viewed as a legitimate substitute for Uber instead of an underdog? Here are some of the strategies, particularly having to do with marketing, that Lyft used to gain so much attention and success.

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Chipotle’s Three Major Strategies

What is the first thing that appears on your mind when you think of Mexican franchise restaurant? Well, probably for many people, it would be Chipotle. Founded in 1993, Chipotle has become one of the largest fast food restaurants in the nation. It has done a great job in terms of both PR (public relations) and marketing, and thus succeeded in having a healthy brand image. Here are some marketing strategies used by Chipotle to promote its brand.

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Share a Coke

Your name is your personality, identity, and character summed up in a couple of letters, and also the reason Coca Cola raised its sales last year. Over the past decade, the demand for soft drinks has steadily decreased as the public has become more aware of the health concerns associated with a can of soda. Nonetheless, according to the Wall Street Journal, the Coca Cola Company managed to reverse 11 years of declining sales in the United States thanks, in large part, to its “Share a Coke” campaign.

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