Celebrity Endorsements : How Hershey's Kit Kat Got it Right

Celebrity endorsements have long been a tool used by brands and companies to promote their products. In using these endorsements, marketers hope that the positive image of the celebrity endorser will be passed on to their product or service. While these paid endorsements have potential to come off as disingenuous, Hershey’s Kit Kat got it right in their October advertisement with Chance the Rapper. With over 1.2 million views on YouTube to date, I believe the most influential factor in making this ad successful has been its endorser-conscious approach.


It’s no surprise that a chocolate company would launch an ad campaign in October – a month with extremely high chocolate sales. What is surprising is Hershey’s understanding of the relevance and timeliness of Chance the Rapper. Chance has just recently released his critically acclaimed mixtape titled Coloring Book and is currently on a tour that spans across many cities the United States and Europe. With that being said, Chance has established himself in the past year with a certain style and Kit Kat capitalizes on this. In this ad, Chance recreates their famous jingle that is very much in the same style as his music that his fans have come to know and love.


Not only does Hershey’s Kit Kat have people saying their catchy jingle again, but now they do so with one of the most popular hip-hop artist of today in mind. In conclusion, this advertisement succeeds in how it does not seek to rip the celebrity endorser out of their original context to fit their brand, but rather seeks to mold their brand around the celebrity endorser themselves. In the end, companies could learn a lesson from Kit Kat in that to properly use a celebrity endorsement you need to be conscious about what makes them who they are.

-Corey Soap 

Stanford Marketing Group